Let me be me was founded by Co-founders Taydam Knowles and George-Alexander Mamalis on January 14, 2022. From the well-known Aussie team, The Adelaide Set - Australia’s largest youth platform, the two stumbled across a new idea that would support others in becoming the best version of themselves. 
An idea that would create a new way to continue to support talented creators to stay, work and grow their talents in South Australia, seeking the phrase ‘Let me be me.’
For years, The Adelaide Set has been repeating this saying and finally one day, it transformed into a new uncomfortable beginning, The Adelaide Set 'Let me be me' Program. 
Having a huge platform behind them that supports others to embrace a world of opportunity is a tool that can be discovered in authentic content creation. With daily reminders of how beautiful South Australia is and the people who live here, our mission is to provide workable ways to live life being your true yourself. 
Have you been you in a while?