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Before the internet, spies traded secrets with carefully orchestrated handovers, whispered messages and hidden 'dead drops'. You'll jump into that world for two hours, evading undercover surveillance to carry out a series of missions in the heart of the city.


This is a battle of wits. You'll be head-to-head against rival spies, and your choices, your mistakes, and your moments of brilliance will have real impact. If you've ever wondered if you could make it as a real covert operative.. now's your chance to find out.



It’s 4:30pm and we’ve just managed to outmanoeuvre a pair of operatives that were hot on my tail. I check my phone for my next assignment, I’ve got to meet a contact named Cassowary who is apparently disguised somewhere in the middle of Rundle Mall... My partner and I high-tail it across the city and make it to her last known location outside of the Myer Center. After scanning the area for a few minutes my partners keen eye spots an incredibly frantic looking woman holding a number of helium balloons flailing about whilst attempting to keep her obviously fake baby bump in place. Bingo. We offer to help untangle her and in return she discreetly slips us our next code word to allow us to proceed with our mission. Next stop, Grenfell Street..


How did I manage to score a job as a spy within a high level British intelligence organisation you might be asking? I’ll let you in on a secret, it’s all make believe! Undercover Adelaide is UK based Fire Hazard Games’ latest street game endeavour. Having recently expanded their ‘Citydash’ series to Adelaide Fire Hazard’s latest adventure, Undercover Adelaide brings the excitement, and intrigue of being a top intelligence officer to your average Joe who would otherwise not be trained in the art of espionage. To make things better, you can live out the experience with up to two other friends, or go it alone, it’s up to you! Undercover Adelaide draws inspiration from various movies and video games to create an immersive, high energy, real-world game and boy do they do it well! My partner and I were forced to think quickly on our feet to solve puzzles, approach our handlers and evade rival operatives. It’s hardly all action though, in fact going the slow and stealthy route may be your best bet as you never know who is lurking around the next corner.


Now back to my story… We’d arrived at Grenfell Street with only a picture of our contact, FINCH standing in front of a passing bus to go by. After momentarily searching Hindmarsh Square we’d spotted her standing in emo park, binoculars in hand and looking for ‘birds’. Naturally, as an agent you can’t just walk up to your handler blurting out their name and blowing both your covers. Instead my partner and I stood close by making idle conversation about seeing a ‘purple-spotted finch’ in a nearby tree (If such a thing even exists). This naturally caught the attention of FINCH leading her to begin idle conversation with us about some other breed of bird that she had spotted and it’s erratic behaviour whilst carefully weaving our code-word into her explanation. Our conversation was over and I entered the code word into the dedicated website built especially for the game. Our success wouldn’t last long though, only moments after leaving the park did we spot a group tailing us. What ensued was an erratic game of cat and mouse, we’d duck into one alley only to meet them on the other side shortly after. Undercover Adelaide also saw us completing a number of other tasks too. Ranging from hiding our own dead drops to using clues from other players to decipher the location of others.


Overall my partner and I, codenamed CRIKEY and STINGRAY managed to come second, just missing out on a kick-ass trophy which very deservedly went to a mother/sons team. The day no doubt providing them with a plethora of stories and memories that'll hopefully inspire their future career in espionage. 


Undercover Adelaide runs every Sunday until the 13th of March, it is suitable for all ages and ticket details and social media for Fire Hazard Games can be found below;


FringeTIX ⦿ Fire Hazard Games Website ⦿ Facebook Event 


Written By:

Liam Friganiotis