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Tin Cat Cafe.

The staff.
The staff.

The Lovely Staff.

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The staff.
The staff.

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The staff.
The staff.

The Lovely Staff.

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Tell us about your history with the TCC:

I have had the distinct privilege of owning tincatcafe for 16 years, it has provided me with the chance to meet and love many incredible people...and of those people no one more-so than my wonderful staff. It is with pride that we present our food, wine and song to you, and we hope you'll enjoy becoming part of our community.

Why is the Tin Cat Café so active in encouraging the arts scene in Adelaide?
We have always been an emerging artist venue as an homage to David Bromley who began his career painting from a studio here at the tincatcafe. With David Salter on board we're making a return to live music afternoons starting next Sunday with rockabilly, blues and acoustic outfits to grace the stage.


Favourite gig so far? Describe the atmosphere:

We had a great fringe season with Cookie Baker a couple of years ago - full of sass and soul, she's a powerful force, and she engages with the audience to create a fission of fun.

I’m at the Tin Cat Cafe, what do I order?

Brunch - two ducks - duck egg and duck sausage, apple sauce, bacon & potatoes
Lunch - crab poh boy with celeriac remoulade and tomato chilli jam

Dinner - gnocchi with hazelnuts, Adel blue cheese, nettles.

Tin Cat Cafe is 3 words... 3^2=9- describe it in 10 words:

A vibrant, passionate, evolving community, a creative haven, a home.

On a scale of 1 to GRW, how good is your red wine?

My fave wine is Emily Laughton's Occam's Razor from Heathcote and that's a cracker ...

Describe your most memorable experience with a customer:
So many great ones and thankfully not too many bad ones, but my favourite night of this year was when James and cohorts from Melbourne grabbed our beautiful house Takamine guitar, and had a good old fashioned singing showdown...soulful voices and beautiful hearts.


What has been your most memorable order?

Not strange but unusual...being asked by Shane Edwards to hide a diamond engagement ring in the breakfast dish his future fiancé and wife, Ailsa, ordered.


What type of functions are usually held at the TCC, and which has been the most memorable?

We're doing lots of weddings and they are amazing...always a beautiful journey with two people who start off as strangers and become lifelong friends and part of our tincat family. Zoe and Mark Story's wedding earlier this year was incredible and a quick visit to our facebook TINCATCAFE will show you a smile factory video of the day..incredible people, huge hearts, big smiles, so much joy!


Who has been the most well known artist to have graced the walls of the TCC?
Many of our emerging artists have gone on to be accomplished contemporary artists...some are on show in Art Gallery SA. To name a few of our well
known art community, Jen Trantor, Kirsty Shadiac, Emma Hack, Dan Withey, Joanna Poulson, Angela Black, Greg Johns...

What is the most exciting event in the imminent future of the TCC (tell us about it!)?

Apart from launching the Adelaide Set website and concept this weekend, we are most excited about our former head chef Matt Standen (CUBAN, PINK MOON) marrying the love of his life, Amy Twinch in October.


What has been the most successful coffee art to date?

We aren't huge fans of coffee art, we prefer a simply  made excellent coffee with fleurieu milks and 1645 coffee beans taking centre stage.



Interview Conducted by;

Isabella Rositano


Ashleigh Robinson