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Chapter 2



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Taydam Knowles

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Will Twiss

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Hamish Roland MacLachlan-Lester

George-Alexander Mamalis

Will Twiss

Taydam Knowles




Chapter 2 


Hamish Roland MacLachlan-Lester

Emma Kelsey

Joseph Carey

Joe Taylor

Isabelle Prestia

Peter Mourtzios

Lachie Evins


Hara Mollas 

Fotini Mamalis

Klaudia Nikolli

Inty Elham 



Chapter 1


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Liam Friganiotis

Jessie Little

Fatema Sitabkhan

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George Fowler

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George-Alexander Mamalis
Hamish Roland MacLachlan-Lester 
Dima Sydorenko
Will Carter

Drew Dinham

Danny Witt

Fatema Sitbkhan

Tully Rose Matthews

Harry Allwood

Ollie Fragnito


Fotini Mamalis


At The Adelaide Set, we have created the opportunity for creatives, students and industry members to share and contribute their experience and skills through contributed guest content on Adelaide related topics including social, food, fashion, wine, music, business, nature, community, sports and science.


Contributors must be working in or actively passionate about the field that they are creating content about. The Adelaide Set is the voice for Adelaide, South Australia, and our contributors share their knowledge to discuss important issues and assist with the Adelaide Renaissance.

Our audience appreciates highly exclusive content to inform and contribute to their own lifestyle. We are mainly looking for:

Event and Street Fashion Photographers, Videographers, Writers, Editors and Journalists
Content Includes
Sophisticated Reviews, Top 10 articles, & Interviews
Thought-leadership pieces about the future of Adelaide
Important information on any and everything Adelaide
One Minute Videos, Corporate Videos, Short Films, Documentaries and Vlogs




Are assigned content to be created and posted at regular intervals (4 weeks typically and we consider other intervals). This type of contributor must commit to creating content regularly on the same topic for six to 12 months and must meet deadlines consistently to maintain their assigned spot on The Adelaide Set calendar. We prioritize Regular Content Creators when editing and seek to publish their pieces on the scheduled publication date. Contributors with a lesser commitment may not have as much visibility as to exactly when their piece will appear.


Must provide a minimum of three contributed pieces to feature on The Adelaide Set over the course of 3-6 months. Contributors can irregularly submit ideas or ready made content when they have created it, or they can commit to a regular schedule for the duration of their relationship with us.


Opportunity to contribute on a one-off basis if they have a unique perspective, can share exclusive knowledge / content, or wish to comment on a particularly important or timely topic. (CEOs, sports agents, scientists, brand insiders, athletes, singers and celebs would qualify as having unique perspectives, provided their topic is relevant.)


Full disclosure of agency / client / partner relationships is required at all times, and our editors reserve the right to remove self-promotional content and links, as well as make significant edits to content and headlines.

All accepted contributors must agree to provide original content, with exclusive rights granted to The Adelaide Set for a period of TWO years. If accepted as a contributor, you will receive guidelines and instructions, as well as a formal contributor agreement to complete before any content is published through The Adelaide set.

If you are inspired to showcase Adelaide, please email your resume, cover letter and portfolio here for the chance to be a part of The Adelaide Set team.