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Located in the heart of Glenelg, the newly opened Moseley Bar and Kitchen offers a warm, inviting and generally chilled out environment in which to enjoy a delicious meal accompanied by various boutique wines and beers. Easily accessible by tram and bus, The Moseley is already popular throughout the week, but be warned, a booking is advised for weekend dining as often there can be quite a wait for a table in this lively popular spot. The close proximity to Glenelg beach means The Moseley has absolutely nailed the contemporary beach vibe adding a fascinating mix of old, new and re-purposed decor. 

I, along with other members of the press/media was lucky enough to have attended their menu launch recently. Their menu is extensive and given the great flavours and dishes on offer, including vegetarian and gluten free fare, makes deciding what to order no easy task. Tasting plates of various entrees and desserts were pre-selected for the Menu Launch which included a Scallop and Crab Terrine, a Prawn Cigar and Pork Belly with picked red cabbage puree and apple. 


For me, the Pork Belly was a 'stand-out' entree as it was cooked to the point it practically melted in your mouth and the creamy puree and sweet apple further enhanced the dish. The Prawn Cigar was brilliant but the pastry was a tad too thick for me and the Scallop and Crab Terrine looked stunning, but the flavours were a little too subtle for my liking. Having said that though, all dishes were prepared and served superbly. 


For mains, we were given free reign in choosing and after considering many mouth-watering offerings, I opted for the Barramundi Fillet with a Vanilla Parsnip Puree, Heirloom Tomatoes and a Ginger Glaze. I'd chosen wisely. The fish was perfectly cooked and all the flavours just worked magically together. I was very content indeed. 


Dessert is often the thing you look forward to the most, well I always do and being impatient, unfortunately it took a little too long to arrive. But, when it arrived it was definitely worth the wait. I was presented with a colourful and fragrant tasting plate of Sherry Slice, Apple Butterscotch and Frangelico Pie and a Sticky Black Rice Pudding with a Coconut Sorbet. Heaven! 


The Sherry Slice on it's own was delicious but very rich and in my opinion, would have been rounded out with a bigger dollop of cream or even a scoop of ice cream, sorbet or gelato. The Apple Butterscotch and Frangelico Pie on the other hand evoked childhood memories of the good old home made treats and when a dish is able to take you back to that sort of appreciation, well, it's a very good thing indeed. I loved it. The stand-out dessert for me was the Sticky Black Rice Pudding with the Coconut Sorbet. The Moseley's chefs really nailed it with the superb combination of the two elements of the dish and by the time I had finished the dessert, I was left wanting more despite the growing presence of a food baby growing in my stomach!


The Moseley is impressive, very impressive. The menu is fantastic and the staff are attentive and responsive to feedback and I highly recommend the venue and look forward to re-visiting The Moseley very soon. 





Written by:

Liam Friganiotis