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What inspired you to create the Market Shed on Holland?


Our family having the Gilbert St IGA next door, let us see there was some disconnect between our food purchased, the ingredients used in processed food, how it was made and where it came from.


We felt the need to offer a welcoming market place where like-minded people could consciously think about the journey to the roots of their food. To create a balance, an inviting space, where we could gather together, in a fun environment. Listening to live music, talking and sharing conversation about the food we are eating and the drinks and wine we are drinking. Understanding its origins.


We wanted to create an experience that encouraged people to slow down on their Sundays while having the opportunity to take home certified organic produce, locally grown food sold by the farmer themselves and lovingly produced, hand made food.


What makes the Market Shed different from other fresh produce markets?


I think all of the markets in Adelaide and our regional environs, each have their own special offering. Something that we encourage in the Market Shed is when people join us, they feel relaxed enough to linger, sometimes for hours, getting to know our stallholders and understanding the stories behind the food. It brings me joy watching people slowing down and sharing time with friends and family in the shed.


What do you think makes your market such a success?


My team and I love spending hours preparing the Market Shed. We really want people to feel welcome and enjoy their time and Sundays with us but I think the greatest contribution to the heart beat of the Shed are the stall holders themselves, our "Market Shed family." They grow, rear or hand make their precious offerings with a wonderful sense of joy. We really value the love, passion, honesty and commitment they give to whatever they do and I would like to think this vibe emanates throughout the whole of the market. 


How do you keep customers coming back?


It's hard to know exactly why people keep coming back but one thing I am sure of, is that I am very grateful that they do.


Given the tough financial climate, why do you think consumers are turning to independent retailers?


I think a lot of it is to do with trust. People are wanting to ask questions about what they are consuming and receive honest answers, whether it be where and how produce is grown or made, the ethics behind the purchase and the affect on our environment. It is wonderful to witness the dialogue and connection between customers and stallholders, to answer the questions I am asked at the info stall and simply observe the interaction.


How long did it take you, from where you first conceived the idea, to make the market a reality?


It took about two and a half years.


What advice do you have for people who want to create their own business?


Choose to work in an environment you love and enjoy. It is critical to believe in what you are doing, be true to yourself and practice integrity. Go the extra mile, trust your gut, find a good mentor and keep a close eye on balancing the books. Listen! Listen! Listen! Don’t be arrogant. There is so much out there to learn and understand.


What do you see in the future for the Market Shed on Holland?


The future? We just hope that the Market Shed on Holland encourages people to consciously think about where and how their food and products are made and continue to enjoy spending their precious time with us on a Sunday.



The Market Shed on Holland St is open every Sunday from 9am - 3pm.


For more, check out The Market Shed on Holland under the Cafe Set. 

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The Market Shed on Holland is Adelaide’s newest hotspot for fresh produce, with an emphasis on organic, vegetarian, vegan and gluten free food. Located in a former motor workshop in the CBD, the Market has become a popular Sunday meeting place. Customers can expect quality fruit and vegetables, delicious coffee, artisan-baked goods, wholefoods and more. Family friendly, pooch friendly and every-kind-of-dietary-requirement friendly, the Market Shed on Holland really has something for everyone.


The Adelaide Set caught up with the man behind the Market Shed, Jono Kaitatzis, on a sunny Sunday morning.

Interview Conducted by;

Suzanne Leong-Scott