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Runaway Weekend

New Adelaide Band, Runaway Weekend, has already released their hit single and are going to announce their new EP very soon. Established only 8 months ago, they have already gained thousands of followers on twitter and are attracting hundreds on their Instagram.

Making music comes easily to these boys: their first single 2AM is a fusion of pop rock and their own eccentricities, with Kyle’s lead vocals giving it a rakish take on what is deemed to be a classic. Their catchy lyrics are original but simple, and with the music written by all of the boys it’s easy to relate to.

Coming back from their Australian tour supporting Chase Atlantic, as well as Little Sea on the Adelaide leg of their tour, I had the chance to catch up with Nic Hutton, Kyle Hall, Peter Spiniello and Dan Cunningham for a chat.

You guys just released your cover of the One Direction song “Drag Me Down” a couple of weeks ago on YouTube and have already racked up over 2,000 views! Why did you pick that song, why One Direction?

Danny: because of the timing and the parallels between us and them. It was kind of a similar situation, obviously not on such a big scale for us because we’re…you know, just starting out but there’s still relevance there.


You gave people a preview of this cover on Instagram and Facebook and all that, have you found that social media is a big platform for your success? Do you have someone who manages that for you?


Peter: We all do that ourselves, I think without a good social media following, sometimes in this day and age it’s hard to get bigger. I feel like social media contributes to how we’re going at the moment and I feel like we’re doing okay for barely starting 7, 8 months ago, and that’s all contributed to probably social media. Twitter is a really big platform for us, like we hit over 2000 followers the other day, which is pretty cool, it’s pretty cool for us. We’re pretty cool.

Nic: Yeah we’re really cool (laughs)

Kyle: Yeah we’re pretty chuffed with it!


You all seem to have quite a few Instagram followers. Do you guys like the attention, or is it a bit weird having all these people comment on your personal photos?

Kyle: I think a lot of the time it’s very flattering because, like, the whole route of all that is that they enjoy our music, and just the fact that anything that we release, these people really enjoy it. The feeling we get from that is just so rewarding. When they do comment and stuff like when we posted teasers for the Drag Me Down cover, they were really enthusiastic about it and excited so it got us excited, it just sort of motivates us.

Nic: Yeah we just kind of bounce off them and the feedback we get.

Kyle: It makes us want to be bigger and better, and release more stuff soon because people really like it

Peter: It’s really overwhelming for someone to, I guess, like our music. And it’s kind of humbling and it’s really cool.

Danny: It’s not weird, but it’s weird in the sense of it being new, and something we haven’t experienced before. Not weird as in like, that’s cooked (laughs)


So, you guys have just come back from tour with Chase Atlantic a couple of months ago. How was that, what was it like?

Peter: I think it was such a new experience for us all because we only really became a band in January, I mean we had been writing music and hanging out a lot more before that but it was really only three, four months after that we had become that big band that we went on tour and it’s just kind of crazy, like, how, we just threw ourselves into it, and it was just so surreal, like I think in Brisbane we played to three hundred people and they were all screaming it was just crazy.


Kyle: It was just such a weird experience as well because we had never played live before, and you know our first live show was in Sydney to like two, three hundred people which was mental. And the Chase Atlantic boys are much more experienced than us so it was good to sort of learn off them because they’re an incredible band.


What was it like putting up with everyone for that long on the tour?

Nic: We drove to Sydney, so I think, if we were to kill each other, it would have been on then. But we didn’t! I think it was really good because we hadn’t even known each other for a year, but I feel like it concreted our relationship really well. Being stuck in a car with people for so long - there are no social barriers.


Peter: Well, I fell asleep on kangaroo watch, and I woke up to them playing Skippy the Bush Kangaroo through the speakers (laughs). Yeah, it was a good night.


Danny: It smelt… a lot. Like at some stage everyone got a little pissy but that’s going to happen and you get over it pretty quick.


Nic: There was one point though when we were driving through Sydney, we were all so tired and so exhausted from driving all day, but it felt so good because we had just come to this massive city, in this tiny car with the only people we know, it was just so cool.


You also just supported little sea when they were in Adelaide, tell us about that!

Nic: It was amazing. Such a cool bunch of guys, again, we liked their music before, and then we supported them, so it was crazy.


Danny: It was like three, four hundred people, it was pretty cool because it was a much bigger venue than before, so it felt like we were progressing a little bit, moving up which was really cool.


Nic: No, Kyle tell them what we did!


Kyle: Oh no (laughs) we illegally slept in a caravan park.


Danny: We just drove in. Didn’t even sleep in a tent, we just slept in the car.


Nic: No but Kyle and I… (laughs) Kyle and I slept outside. We brought swags, they were so comfy! Anyway we brought swags,


Kyle: Yeah it was like a little cocoon, beautiful.


Nic: And then Kyle left his phone out of his swag, and he woke up in the morning and was just like ‘Nic, did you spill water on my phone?’ You know because of the dew in the morning? And his phone was soaking wet but it was fine, it was dewed out (laughs)


How was it living together, can you guys cook or was it 2 minute noodles for breakfast?

Danny: No, Peter can cook!


Peter: (laughs) yeah, I can cook.


Danny: yeah he got into the first round of the Masterchef try outs


Peter: I think the next round is coming up, I just go in and cook a few things and if I get through I go to Melbourne. I think it’s Melbourne, so that’s really cool


Kyle: But to be honest we didn’t really cook…we just ate McDonald’s, breakfast of champions


Peter: oh and meat pies of course.


You guys are releasing a new single soon, tell us a bit about that!

Nic: okay so we’re releasing a single, really soon, it’s called City Lights and we wrote it ages ago, it was one of the first songs we wrote together as a band.


Peter: it’s very old school, it’s like 2AM with a bit of old school punk, a bit of rock, that type of thing.


What’s it about, are you allowed to tell us?

Nic: I think it’s about being infatuated with the moment. It’s just a normal night, but if you think about all the tiny details of that night, it makes it something really special. It’s about being in the moment, as cliché as that is.


Kyle: It’s a complete collaboration from all of us, we all get our feelings out and we all get to help write all the songs.


Quick questions: messiest band member on tour:

Nic: Me or Kyle.


Danny: yeah they sit in the car with a bottle of coke and put it on the floor without a lid! So it’s sloshing everywhere.


The grumpiest?

Peter: Kyle! He slept in Danny’s bed in the hostel so Danny had to sleep somewhere else, and when Danny tried to move him in the middle of the night Kyle threw a shoe at him and then claimed he “couldn’t remember it”


Kyle: But I can’t remember that! I have no recollection of it at all.


Single or taken?

Nic: yes I have a female (laughs). But Kyle and Peter are single, Danny has a girlfriend.


Kyle: yeah I’d probably give us a 4 out of ten. I think I drag our average down.


Nic: yeah but hit up their RSVP account, it’s live. It’s kind of like Tinder but a bit more romantic. (laughs) 

Interview Conducted by;

Rachel Ey