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Maypole Design (or Maisie) is an up and coming designer specialising in unique, plush, little trinkets that are expertly crafted with both love and extreme care. From it's inception Maypole's online store has grown to feature a variety of accessories raning from bracelets, necklaces and most recently, homewares! Rachel Ey was fortunate enough to get the oppertunity to ask Maisie a few questions about her business! 

How, and why, did you begin Maypole design?

In 2012, with a little bit of help from my sister Polly, I started my online business called Maypole Design. The name Maypole came from a combination of both of our names. I started Maypole firstly just as a hobby, as something to keep me occupied in the school holidays, and never dreamed of it becoming so popular! I have always been creative, so I guess Maypole comes naturally and that is probably why I find it so fun and love doing what I do!  I started off by creating a few rope based jewellery pieces, and selling them through the online market place Etsy. Since starting I have increased my product range widely and now design and make rope based jewellery and accessories, clay bowls, and wall hangings. I sell my products through Etsy, my online store and I wholesale to shops all over the world. I have also written an eBook for teenagers called “How to build an online business while still at school”.


What would you describe your style as?

My own personal style changes A LOT as I think most girls do! Sometimes I’m feel like a Gorman model with numerous patterns and colours, and other days my style is totally minimalistic or monochrome! I would describe my style as ever-changing! For Maypole I really like pastels and would describe the style of my products as Scandinavian inspired, and it definitely reflects my personal style. 


Have you found that certain advertisements, like social media, have been a huge platform for you to create a sustainable business?

I find social media to be the key platform for promoting my business, Instagram in particular. I love Insta because I can market and promote Maypole directly to my target audience and people who want to see what I am up to and what I am doing. Instagram is also a great form of communication to interact with my customers and I love the sense of community that it gives. 

What were your biggest fears when starting?

I didn’t have many fears when I started, as I was so young and didn’t really know what I wanted for my brand. As I have gotten older my fear is probably having an order go missing in the mail. 


Is there anything that you hope to try in the future?

I recently have joined Snapchat which is something I had been wanting to do for a while. In the future I would love to get my products in some more popular magazines like Frankie. I am also looking forward to running a weaving workshop in the coming weeks.


Being so young and so successful, do you know what you want to do once you finish school?

I would really like to go to University interstate or overseas, and study a business or marketing related course with a course of design in there somewhere too. A gap year to travel and work would definitely be on the charts also. As far as Maypole, I am just going to see where it takes me and let it form its own path.


Where do you hope Maypole Design will take you?

I am hoping it will give me the fundamental business skills that I would need to start my own bigger company or business when I am older. 

Interview Conducted by;

Rachel Ey

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