Who are the faces behind Levant Eatery?

Levant is a family-owned cafe – my mother (Fay), father (Kim), brother (Husam), Sister-in-law (Zena) & myself (Zainab) are all involved and invested with running Levant Eatery on Hindley Street.


How did Levant Eatery come up as a concept and what made you take the leap to open it up as a food joint?

My brother was studying at UniSA and while he was procrastinating, he was looking out the window and spotted an empty Laundromat. His curiosity got the better of him and he decided to call them to ask to view the property. The place was a mess and hadn’t been occupied for a while. At this stage, I was living in Dubai and my brother was studying full time.


In order to make it work, he would need to convince my parents that he will be putting his study aside. I relocated my family all the way back to a small town. The passion that we all had for hospitality and the business industry was enough to make all the changes and venture into this together.


Why Hindley Street as a location? It has a rather infamous location, but you seem to have picked the ideal spot; being close to uni.

Because the West End of Hindley Street has potential and the street is continuing to grow with potentially RAH opening and the new developments on the UniSA City West campus.


How did you come up with the recipes for your delicious meals?

The recipes are all thanks to my mum. She loves Mediterranean spices and wanted to infuse spices and flavours of the Middle East in a Western-style dish. For example, healthy salads and grilled vegetables topped with marinated chicken or falafels topped with a sauce that’s packed with flavour.


What do you aim your customers to experience through their visit to Levant Eatery?

When a customer walks in, our aim is to ensure that they enjoy the atmosphere and experience a little with their taste buds. That is why we designed a menu that allows a customer to eventually experience all the Mediterranean flavours at their own pace.


What is your most popular dish at Levant Eatery?

Two of the most popular house-made dishes are:

(1) Falafel You, which is a Vegan salad topped with broad-beans, falafels, Muhamarra Sauce & Chickpea Sauce. Comes with crispy bread.

(2) The Street pocket – freshly baked bread (on-site) with marinated chicken and crispy fries inside the pocket. It comes with the Levant Sauce (so addictive) and Street Sauce (Garlic).


What’s a dish that you’d highly recommend to customers?

The Haar Vibes is definitely a great recommendation! It comes with grilled vegetables, a crunchy mix of cabbage/carrot/spinach, marinated chicken and halloumi. It comes with a dollop of thickened yoghurt (Libna) and has a drizzle of Haar (Arabic for ‘Hot’) Sauce all over.


Why should people support Levant Eatery?

Levant‘s concept is to have all the food cooked and prepared in front of the customer. The bread is baked to order, the chicken/beef is grilled to order. We follow the concept of street food, where we prepare the food just as you like it.


Is there anything else that you’d like our readers to know about Levant Eatery?

We currently have a smoothie and juice bar called Not Guilty Blends and have most recently opened our latest family project – Cheeseburger – all situated in the West End of Hindley Street, adjacent to UniSA.

Levant Eatery is located at 252 Hindley Street, Adelaide SA 5000.



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Mediterranean / Middle Eastern cuisine • Hospitality is above and beyond the norms • Conveniently located in the West End

Levant Eatery

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Interview Conducted by:

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