Lady Burra Brewhouse

Lady Burra Brewhouse is regarded as Adelaide’s first CBD microbrewery. It is situated in Topham Mall, just off Currie Street.


It purports itself to be a “Brewhouse”, but in actuality, the brews are only one dimension to the operation as it is far more. Lady Burra is a bar where you can enjoy cold beer that is produced onsite as well as being a restaurant serving breakfast, lunch and dinner with a menu which cleverly showcases the brews as ingredients within the dishes.

Lady Burra Brewhouse offers a unique take on decor: a combination of industrial, minimalist and modernist design, with large, open windows, a cutaway roof, and exposed pipelines running along the ceiling.


The beer is brewed onsite in a facility which can be viewed from almost any seat within the premises; large glass panes proudly display stainless steel vats reminiscent of the 1971 Charlie and the Chocolate Factory inventing room. 


There are four different types of house beer that are on offer ranging between an American-styled pale ale to a pilsener. The beers are designed primarily as session beers although some slightly stronger, carrying a 4.5% to 4.9% ABV, and consequently, one can thankfully enjoy several over the course of a night. There is also a beer cocktail menu which also makes an inventive use of the house brews, and all of the above are supplemented by a fine selection of local wines.


The beers themselves offer a great balance between subtle smooth flavours ranging from citrus, winter spices, caramel, roasted coffee and sought after bitterness from the hops. Each to their own these brews complement certain dishes on the menu very well depending on how heavy or light they are.

The food offered exceeded our expectations. A semi-open kitchen allows patrons to see at least some of the food being prepared, namely, the excellent pizzas. The masterminds behind the food are Miguel Sa and his mother Rosa Dantas, who are of a Portuguese background. They have managed to infuse their dishes with some of the flavours of Portugal such as piri piri, cinnamon, vanilla, coffee, garlic, coriander and parsley. These flavours seem to made apparent from the wood oven pizzas and hand cut chips to their tapas.


Don’t let the name Lady Burra ‘Brewhouse’ fool you as this is not merely a place where beer is brewed. In a caliber of its own Lady Burra delivers great beer, top notch food and great service as a packaged deal, and can be enjoyed as either a bar, a restaurant, a drinking hole, or all three at once. The comfortable and relaxed environment is appropriate for all ages and well worth a trip with friends or family.



Stand Out Beer

Type: Dark ale

ABV: 4.9%

Tasting notes: burnt caramel, toast, heavy malts, backbones of sparkling hops, creaminess and dense mouthfeel despite average ABV

Goes well with: winter weather, meaty dishes such as the chorizo pizza

Verdict: 8/10





Written By;

George Fowler