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Kosher Bacon Review

Kosher Bacon is fresh, fun and full of interesting tidbits about Jewish customs, how to outsmart God and how your mother might be jeopardising your chances of going to heaven. Michael Shafar is personable and energetic in his delivery of the show -  fantastic turnout for his first show in Adelaide!


Rating: ★★★★


Written by Yen-Nhi Nguyen

The opening night of Kosher Bacon drew a full room of Fringe-goers in the basement of the German Club. For a man who walks out to his own introduction with confidence, Michael Shafar is witty, relevant and very honest in his views of the constant push-and-pull of avocado on toast vs the ability to afford other basic necessities in life such as a place to live. As a writer of jokes for The Project, Shafar whipped out a number of jokes which sometimes brought a mixture of full and hesitant laughter from the audience as people were struggled to decide if joking about Port Adelaide supporters and Nazis in a single sentence was funny or not. The audience were also told stories of how taking a bagel to a music festival is harder than sneaking in drugs, how to make a reservation at a take-away shop and why some people prefer murder over marriage.