What inspired you to create Kill Your Tv?

What inspired us to create Kill Your Tv was basically our interest in fashion, and style, and the fact that we were working in retail during high school and selling products that weren't really worth their sale price, compared to their cost price. We became known to too many brands ripping people off with the shit quality of the zips, buttons, and materials and selling them off at prices you would expect to pay good quality for. Hence why we decided to produce our own brand, with T-shirts being the first step.


What makes Kill Your Tv different from other Adelaide based clothing labels?

With the amount of new, up and coming clothing brands within Adelaide, it is hard to find the difference from others, but I guess the fact that there is two of us, with similar but also completely different ideas, our collections can be very random and un related, unlike others who have a similar style. We not only focus on just the screen prints and art works on the t-shirts, but also simpler, plane Tees, using two tones and different fabrics and sewing them together to create a garment that can interest our customers who have a lot more basic style then the rest.


How long did it take you, from when you first conceived the idea, to make your clothing brand a reality?

Drew and I would talk about it during recess in year 11, that’s when we both started to focus more on our art and design and less on maths. We always had our ideas and plans, but we didn’t actually pursue the idea until about a year out of high school. Our gap year was a bit of a blur, but it gave us the motivation to start what we've been talking about for so long. The STF Board riding co. guys, whom we worked with really helped us to start from scratch. They helped us find manufactures and helped us with the business aspect of it all. They even gave us their back shed to screen print in which was awesome. I'd say from when the idea first came about to our first collection the gap would have been about 3 years.


Where do you draw inspiration for your designs?

I can’t answer for Drew on this one, but myself, I’d say the inspiration I get from is traveling. We've both been lucky enough to travel through some awesome countries over the years and seeing their different cultures, and art pretty much inspires me to come up with the work that I do. It really has given me the ability to mix and match with the inspiration I’ve gained and reworking it all in my own style.


What advice do you have for people who want to create their own business?

Just do it. We live in a country that pretty much gives you the ability to pursue what ever you want, use that source and don't give up.


What do you see in the future for Kill Your Tv?

I see a brand that isn't just a brand but a lifestyle.


To see more of their designs, head to their Instagram page @killyourtvthreads or their website







kill your tv (byron shoot)
kill your tv (byron shoot)

kill your tv (byron shoot)
kill your tv (byron shoot)

kill your tv (byron shoot)
kill your tv (byron shoot)

kill your tv (byron shoot)
kill your tv (byron shoot)


Kill Your TV is a unique, Adelaide based clothing label created by Mathias Alexandrou and Drew Abrahamson. Their first collection, created in 2014, incorporated tie-dye, screen-printed designs and block colours. The second collection, displayed at last weekends Gilles Street Market, has a stronger focus on the screen-printed designs, with the original artworks framed and available for purchase. The combination of the two freelance graphic designers has led to an amazing collection that is perfect for everyday wear or festival attire.


The Adelaide Set was lucky enough to catch up with one side of the team, Mathias Alexandrou, at Kill Your TV’s Gilles Street Market stall last Sunday.

Interview Conducted by;

Brittany Blunt

Photos by;

Ollie Fragnito