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Tell me the story of how KIK Coffee came into existence.

Louise Nobes had a vision to do something about the growing trend in youth unemployment here in South Australia, particularly in the northern suburbs of Adelaide. The idea of this business model is to invite young people, who have experienced a rough upbringing - be it at school or at home - to come and join the traineeship program, where they can learn and develop skills that will allow them to experience professional and personal success.


Can you please elaborate more on Louise Nobes’ background and what brought this passion to the surface?

Louise has been a social worker for the last 15 years. While in that field of work, she realized that she wanted to create much more of an impact...a change...and her job just wasn’t giving her the opportunity to maximize that potential of reaching out to a mass audience. So, she decided to start up InspiredBUY, which works at taking in around 15-20 young people at a time. These people undergo an entrepreneurship program where training and support is provided, in order to prepare them in joining the workforce, but also to create jobs through social enterprise.

How long is the program?

The program runs for 12 weeks and is designed to take applications by simply walking in! The success of this program can be seen in the rise of waitlists to prioritize young people to access it as and when is possible and convenient for them.

What are the future hopes of KIK Coffee?

It is fantastic to see how there are 2 stores now, which are helping the youth by providing them with opportunities to turn their lives around. Including the store in Modbury and this one in the city, we are hoping to aim for 3 more stores to open by mid-next year (2018). Ideal locations that are underway at the moment include Salisbury, in partnership with Uniting Communities.


What are the 5 Price Points of Focus that are used as guidelines to improve a customer’s KIK experience?

As part of our training program, we teach our participants the 5 factors to retail success. The KIK crew will always strive to give the customer a 5/5 experience, which will be rated on crucial factors such as:

  • Product

  • Access

  • Value

  • Experience

  • Service

What made you decide on offering the $2 toasties with a purchase of every regular drink?

Coffee is a staple that almost everyone tends to drink, particularly to wake themselves up before (or during) their work. By offering options of something that is quick, simple, tasty, and affordable, we can provide ourselves to cater to a wide audience, which is also the target audience of the work crowd that we find along Waymouth Street, Currie Street, Hindley Street, and North Terrace. It’s a great “come and go” option for those who are in a rush!


I was intrigued and fell in love with the KIK motto: “Creating an impact, one coffee cup at a time”. Can you briefly explain what you stand for?

We set up that motto with the aim to encourage people that by buying a coffee cup, they are not only adding to sustainability of the youth, but are also contributing towards the wages and consequently the betterment of the lives of each person who works with us and goes through our program.


Is there anything else that you’d like our readers (and your potential customers) to know about KIK Coffee? [to be answered by Louise]

KIK coffee is so much more than amazing coffee! It’s a place where people take an active part in responding to youth unemployment. Their purchase literally ‘changes lives’ and it's a social enterprise that pays award wages to all employees.


KIK Coffee opens on Light Square

Photos + Interview by Fatema Sitabkhan

With special thanks to Mercy Me Marketing for the interview opportunity!



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KIK Coffee

After successfully launching their social enterprise in Modbury, KIK Coffee is giving us a taste of their delicious coffee, which also contributes towards the tackling of youth unemployment in Adelaide and South Australia.


I was so intrigued and touched by the business model of KIK Coffee that I was able to have an interview set up with Matt Hojem, who is the manager of KIK coffee (including the newly opened coffee shop on Light Square), where we learned more about the story and foundation behind this incredible cafe.

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Interview Conducted by:

Fatema Sitabkhan