Tell us a little bit about yourself...


My name is Jackson Trengove and I play for Port Adelaide Football Club. I’m originally from Melbourne, Victoria. I was brought up in a place called Strathmore. I spent a majority of my time in and around the city obviously living in Strathmore… then moved to Adelaide when I was seventeen years old. I was drafted to Port when I was nearly eighteen, so I had to leave Mum and Dad and move over!


Has footy always been a passion of yours?


I did a fair few sports. I think most of the boys who play on the team have all played every sport possible! I grew up on the river because we had a holiday house, so I did a lot of watersports, like skiing and barefooting… something a bit different! But mainly football, and basketball was another one that I had a fair passion for, but it got to a time where football took over and you had to do be playing three or four different teams and a lot of trainings, so it became football football football!


When did you realise you wanted to make a career out of footy?


Not until I was about fifteen or sixteen, I was probably a little bit late. I always enjoyed it and the culture of the footy club with my mates and going and competing on the weekend! I never really took it serious until I was about fifteen or sixteen when a school back in Melbourne came and poached three of our friends to play for a private school. We moved over there and it started to get a bit serious after that! We started to play a lot of footy and recruiters started to come and watch our school play which was pretty weird and never really seen before. The three of us ended up getting drafted, so Trent Cotchin who is the captain of Richmond, myself, and Addam Maric who ended up being on Melbourne’s list for about five or six years!


Who is your football hero and why?


I have a couple! Growing up in Strathmore, it’s right near Essondon; my grandpa would’ve shot me if I didn’t go for Essondon! You have no choice if you live around that area! Growing up, because I was a defender, I just loved watching Dustin Fletcher play who is forty now and he’s still going around. It’s pretty freaky! James Hird was another one who was probably my sporting idol as a footballer, just because he was able to influence a game whenever it needed to be influenced! He would go into the centre and get the ball out or could go forward and kick goals.


What would you say has been the highlight of your career?


It’s a hard one! Getting drafted is obviously a big moment in your life and in your career, but probably the finals wins we had last year and showdowns are always a big one when you win! It’s always the games that mean the most that are the best ones to win. There is so much riding on them and people live for those sorts of games!


Are there any sports you like to play/watch when you want a break from footy?


I like NBA and NFL; I’m pretty heavily into the American sports! I think their culture is good. I was able to go over and spend a little bit of time at the Boston Celtics at the end of last year and got to meet Rajon Rondo, he’s a big time player on about 15 million a year! So that was a good experience for us and you probably get sucked in when you go over there and see it all and you work out how passionate their supporters are! I enjoy American sport… I enjoy a lot of sports, but the only thing I can’t watch is golf!


So… tell us a little bit about your new clothing line, Shilah!

Yeah, so Harry Grigg is the other owner. He is originally from Adelaide. He has done a lot of nightclub stuff and he’s a graphic designer and model. I was mates with him ever since I first moved over to Adelaide. It was probably at the end of last year we started talking and he had actually moved over to Melbourne and was living near where I was from. He went over there and we started talking and decided we would get something going. It took off a little quicker than we thought so he ended up moving back and moving in with me… so he lives here now and he just does everything!


Where did the name Shilah and the feather theme come from?


Shilah means brother in American Indian. We are two blokes who enjoy friendship and family and we both have close families and relationships, so we thought the name was quite cool and something different and obviously the feather runs in with the Native-American theme!


Do you and Harry have any style icons that inspire your designs?


Not really, he thinks he’s the style icon! We are probably a bit similar in the way we dress, which is a little bit out there! I think at times he wears some stuff that I wouldn’t wear! We are a little bit different, but we don’t want to be too different. We have both lived in Melbourne and it is so different for fashion, so we are trying to bring it in slowly and hopefully change it a little bit over here and bring in some Melbourne themes.


What do you see in the future for Shilah Clothing?


At the moment, we are obviously all online. So the plan of attack in the next few months summer will be huge for us, but just getting into some stores and eventually owning our own store! We have a few ideas, where we want to do a store a bit different, so just have your basic clothing store but we would like to mix in some local artists… we both enjoy our coffee so there would be something to do with a coffee shop as well! It won’t be your ordinary clothes shop, it’ll have a funky vibe where you can go in and enjoy yourself and even if you don’t find something you can still enjoy some coffee and art.


Do you have any advice for other young people or athletes looking to branch off from their original path?


I think just embrace it! I thought about it for so much time, contemplating whether to do something different or sticking to what you know. If you have a passion and you’re really interested, you should just go for it! Even if it doesn’t work, you’ll learn something out of it. I think that’s the biggest thing I’ve got out of starting my own business, even if it didn’t go as successful as what it is now, I still would’ve learnt a lot about business and the concept about how to run a business and the things that come with it! So even if it isn’t successful, you’ll definitely learn something out of it and you’ll use that on your next project.


Do you struggle juggling time with playing footy and running your own business?


Not really, footy is my main priority. I spend a majority of the time playing footy and Harry is really good with that and knows that footy comes first, obviously I have to play and train. It’s just a great way to come back and relax. I think a lot of our time is spent thinking about footy so it is good to just come back and discuss ideas with Harry on designs that we are thinking or stuff that people just enjoy wearing and looking on the Internet for different clothes and fashion that’s going on in the world.


What/where is your favourite Adelaide café?


La Vita café on Grange road. The coffee there is amazing and the staff is very good!


Who is your favourite Adelaide sporting team?




Where is your favourite chill place?

Ahh, me and young Jarman Impey like to go down to some of the spas, so we like to go down and just relax in there! Upstairs at next Gen, they have a really good spa area, so we just go in and talk a bit of crap.


Favourite Adelaide beach?




If you were the Mayor of Adelaide for the day, what positive impact would you have on the city?


I wouldn’t really want to be the Mayor to be honest! I would probably put a ban on people smoking! No smoking anywhere! I think it is one of the worst habits and it really turns me off, it’s just disgusting. So I would probably stop that.



Instgram: @shilahclothing


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The Adelaide Set were extremely lucky to take a break and head down to the Shilah head quarters which is also home to Port Adelaide player Jackson Trengove and business partner, Harry Grigg. Originally from Melbourne, Trengove made the move to Adelaide after being picked up by Port in the 2008 AFL Draft, and has since become one of Port’s key players. Over the past year, Trengove and his best mate, Harry Grigg have started their own clothing line, Shilah, which has quickly taken Adelaide by storm. Jackson was generous enough to take time out of his schedule to sit down with The Adelaide Set and give a little insight of his life as a footballer and business owner.





Interview Conducted by;

Jesse Little