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Isaac Lomman

Isaac Lomman is a twenty-five year old Australian Stage hypnotist, born and bred in our very own city of Adelaide. Isaac began hypnotherapy when he was only eighteen years old to then further his career by moving into stage hypnosis, to which has led him nowhere but upwards! From performing at the Adelaide Fringe Festival to touring the rural towns of South Australia, Lomman has his sights set on the Canadian Fringe Festival and one day having his own television show. Isaac’s success comes from his amazing showmanship and ability to stand in front of hundreds of people and hypnotize volunteers right in front of their eyes. Visiting one of Isaac’s shows is definitely on The Adelaide Sets ‘To Do List’ this year, and we recommend you scribble it down on yours too!


The Adelaide Set caught up with Isaac Lomman to discover the exciting world of hypnosis, and even managed to get a taste of what being hypnotized feels like!


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Tell us a little bit about yourself


I am Adelaide born and based! I grew up in the Adelaide Hills, in Crafers. I also have a little daughter and a partner. I make my living as a hypnotist and entertaining people by putting them into hypnosis.

How old were you when you discovered hypnotism?


I was eighteen or nineteen years old and it kind of just blossomed from there. I had a very random introduction to it and now its grown into my whole career, which is quite interesting! 



Did your passion grow for hypnotism the moment you discovered it?


It was never on my radar growing up. It wasn’t one of those sorts of things where I was born into a family of hypnotists or anything! Like most people I was fairly skeptical about what it really is and what it can do! As I started to learn more about it and see videos from people like Derron Brown, it really started to pick my curiosity as to how far you can go with it. I started to learn hypnotherapy to help people with weight loss, quit smoking and phobias and that kind of stuff! So once I had seen that side of hypnosis, that really good profound use for it to help people change and grow, that’s when the passion started for me!


Was it difficult breaking out in such a unique industry?


Yeah, it was a little bit! I was fortunate enough to surround myself with supportive people as it was! So creating shows and getting that going happened pretty quickly. There were a lot of learning curves as well; I lost a lot of money on some shows as not many people were rocking up in the beginning. Certainly as with any venture it’s all about perseverance and pushing through it!


The question we are dying to ask! Is hypnotism something everyone can learn? Or do you believe it requires certain talents?


Anyone can learn hypnosis, like I said I didn’t grow up with this magical ability, I absolutely learnt it! I think a good analogy is - everyone can learn the piano, but not everyone is going to get up on stage and play to a crowd. I think a lot of the showmanship side of it is a completely different skillset in itself! But learning to hypnotize someone is remarkably easy.


What has been your favourite show to date? Why?


It’s really tough! Every show changes and there are certainly some nights where you’re unstoppable and everything you do on stage is funny and everyone is loving it! There was one particular show last Fringe Festival at The Gov, I was only filled to go on for sixty minutes, but this show ended up going for nearly two hours. Everything was going right and everyone was enjoying it. There was one particular routine that I had never done before this night. So basically, I shook one subjects hand and they fell in love with the person to their right and they cant stop starring. I didn’t realise how funny this would actually be on stage till I did it! The person she fell in love with happened to be a really good-looking bloke! I gave him the suggestion that when I shook his hand that the person on his other side had pinched his bottom, so there was all this crazy fun that was beginning to take place! I kept that theme running throughout the whole show and at the start the boy was like, “What the hell, why are you being so weird?” “Get away from me!” Then by the end of the show, I shook the girls hand and she just started starring at him and he just gave in and gave her a hug. The whole crowd just erupted and it was just so unplanned and everyone loved it!

What do you see in the future for Isaac Lomman Hypnotist?


I would like to see a TV show to promote a bit more about what hypnosis is. It has been a while since we have had something like that in Australia! And for me, I would like to start touring a lot more. At the moment I am doing South Australia and a lot of country and rural stuff. I would like to move that interstate! I really want to see myself doing the Fringe Festival in Canada next year and take it international!

Do you have any advice for perhaps other young people aspiring to break out into a similar industry?


With anyone really, it’s about perseverance and just continuing to punch on and keep going! Some people know they have a path they need to follow no matter how crazy it looks to those people around them! I think a lot of people get caught up in suggestions from their family members and the media and end up not following that path. I think if you want that success, you need to follow it and roll with the punches and adapt! That’s how I got to where I am.










The Adelaide Set Top 5 Questions 

What is your favourite café in Adelaide?


It would have to be the Paleo Café in Hyde Park. When I was strictly paleo is the healthiest I have ever been!


Who is your favourite Adelaide sporting team?


The Port Adelaide football club has given me such a great platform and they’re a great team! The Power are high up on my list!


Where is your favourite chill place?


The Botanic Gardens are always nice… and Mount Lofty after you’ve climbed it is just a great space to just chill out!


Where is your favourite beach?


Lady Bay, down south in Normanville! It is a childhood fav of mine.


If you were the Mayor of Adelaide for the day, what positive impact would you make for the city?


I really like Adelaide the way it is, I think it is unique in the way its so easy to flow through! When I get home from a show, you get to the airport, jump in your car and drive home and it’s always such a peaceful drive! It’s a slower city and that’s why I call it home. It’s a peaceful place to return home to. And all the wonderful festivals we have throughout the year! I think Adelaide is as good as it going to get at the moment and I like that.

Interview Conducted by;

Jesse Little