Who are the owners of Inside Morocco?

I (Med Ghanmi) own Inside Morocco with my partner Janet.


What made you combine the elements of a restaurant and a store together?

The idea came from customers who enjoyed the ambience of the original shop and of our events. They said, "Why don't you serve food in the shop?"


How has the business been going so far?

People love the ambience and respond well to the gentle aroma of spices and fresh herbs and of cakes in the oven. Coming inside is a feast for the senses. I think that's why people keep coming back and why it's so popular for events.


Do you use locally sourced ingredients to create your beautiful dishes?

As much as possible - we really try to buy local from people who care about what they produce and want to share with the rest of us in South Australia.


What options of food do you offer?

We have loads of vegetarian and gluten-free options of food! Simply come in and let us know your dietary preferences and we’ll do our best to deliver!


What is something that your customers need to try, when they visit Inside Morocco?

As the chilly season of winter seeps in, customers can expect to feel warm and snuggly with our pur shakshouka or tajine of the day!


What are some of your popular dishes from the menu?

Tajine shakshouka and homemade cakes are huge hits with our customers!


What do you hope your customers to gain from an experience of visiting Inside Morocco?

We want our customers to feel like they’re indulging in the finest of Moroccan cuisine, in addition to feeling relaxed and curious to come back and try more of what we have on offer.


What kind of events would you offer Inside Morocco to host for your customers?

We host all kinds of events; personal and corporate; at Inside Morocco or at venues or private homes. Events have included hens nights, engagements, weddings, baby showers, naming parties, birthdays for 13 year olds up to 90 year olds. We’ve also had a memorial dinner celebrating the life of a customer who tragically passed away. Corporate functions from networking meetings to outrageously extravagant Christmas parties are our speciality.


Why should people support your business?

We offer something unique and work hard to ensure that you have the best possible experience when you visit us- delicious fresh food prepared and served with love in beautiful and exotic surroundings.


Is there anything else that you'd like people to know about Inside Morocco?

Our customers say that eating at Inside Morocco is like being a guest at a friend's home. That's fantastic feedback! I really enjoy introducing my customers to Moroccan hospitality!

Inside Morocco is located at 149 Magill Road, Stepney SA


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Inside Morocco

If you’ve ever wanted to visit the mystical land of Morocco, but haven’t had a chance to do so, then it’s time for you to visit a (fairly) brand new restaurant and decor store called Inside Morocco. Situated less than 10 minutes away from the Adelaide CBD by car, Inside Morocco is where culture and tradition flourish at its prime.


Having recently launched their space to provide aspects of an events / function area, I had the opportunity to meet with Med and have an e-interview around the story behind Inside Morocco.

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Interview Conducted by:

Fatema Sitabkhan