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Iconic – A Brief History of Drag 

The Grand Entrance – Iconic, spectacular, sexy and fabulous. All that should be expected in a drag show. West end star Ian Stroughair was the man behind the amazingly gorgeous Velma Celli with legs that girls kill for. Full of crude humour, self-absorbed chats, the audience was full of hysterical fits and contagious smiles throughout the show. 


As the show was a brief history into drag, Velma made tribute to musical legends David Bowie, Queen and Boy George, giving the audience goose bumps as her voice not only was magnificent but showed truthfulness and emotion in the performance. Unexpectedly the venue experienced a black out mid song, however Velma kept composure and improvised like a true artist in an unfortunate situation like a queen would.

A highlight from the show was the mock of artists such as Britney Spears, Shakira, Tina Turner and the famous Cher, which was choreographed brilliantly and vocal wise, accurate. The show was also very collaborative not only from targeted audiences members cringing in their seat, but Velma’s left hand side bitch who is not only very musically talented, but had a lot of stage chemistry and presence. 


Velma is a true artist in her own right. She has an incredible and undeniable music ability with a creative and clever show. A must see performance for all adult audiences if you don’t get offended easily… because Velma isn’t afraid to call a bitch out!

4.5 Stars

Written by Tia Ewen


March, 2018