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HD Eatery Review

HD Eatery is a quint, somewhat undiscovered café in the CBD of Adelaide. It is interesting that when places are undiscovered you wonder if there is a reason, whether it’s a hidden gem or incompatible of developing a following. The Eatery is certainly the former! Hamish, Portia and I were welcomed very warmly upon entering the café on a brisk August morning. You get the feeling straight away that is a family run experience; and that is the reality (the owners are indeed married). 

The outside of the building is unanimously old fashioned almost cottage like, something you would expect in a mixed development in a place like London. As you walk inside you notice how exposed and industrial the surroundings are. However minimalistic and quiet the aesthetic is, the food and the presentation is elaborate. We were privileged with a variety of their breakfast eats and notably ethical coffee.

Regarding the food and it is excellent, I had a “Green Bowl” which consisted of yogurt, honey, nuts/seeds, various greens, beetroot and a poached egg (this was a healthy choice for me). There are a number of awesome selections and as well as excellent desserts and pastries for those with a sweet tooth. We were highly satisfied by the service too!

We were also able to ask the owners about the philosophy behind the HD Eatery. We learnt that they use recycled materials all around the store as well as sourcing their coffee directly from the farmer. Their approach is quintessentially all about economic sustainability. 

With expansion plans in sight, this hidden gem of the city of Adelaide has a bright future!

Written by William Twiss