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Floating Goose Studios

Floating Goose Studios, located in the old Trims building on Carrington Street, Adelaide is a two-story maze of studios, to which belongs to fifteen young Adelaide artists. Each studio with its own personality and story expressing that of the artist, The Adelaide Set was lucky enough to talk to three of Floating Goose’s very own artists, and learn what Floating Goose Studios is all about. Leah Craig, Pat Cassar and Gabrielle Cirocco walked The Adelaide Set through Floating Goose Studios, and explained what it meant to them to be an artist, and how they wish to open their doors and make art something for everyone. The Adelaide Set was extremely excited to learn that Floating Goose Studios will also be apart of the annual South Australian Living Arts Festival! SALA begins July 29, hosted over three consecutive weekends. 

Floating Goose is lucky enough to be hosting a live drawing exhibition every Friday night of the Festival! The live drawing exhibitions will include around twelve to fifteen artists drawing with charcoal over a studio covered in paper along with music as well as performance art! Not only will members of Adelaide be able to attend this exhibition along with many other great SALA exhibitions, they will also be able to purchase the drawings.


What is Floating Goose Studios all about?


The artists here are all about eighteen to thirty years old; we are mostly students and graduates here. There are fifteen of us and there are about thirteen separate studios, so a couple of people share. The artists here are primarily drawers, sculptors and painters, basically just studio work stuff; you can’t exactly weld in a studio!


So… When did the idea for Floating Goose Studios come about?

So, basically all of us here are Adelaide Central School of Arts students! It’s a really messy job being an artist; basically if you’re going to set up a canvas in your lounge room, it is just going to get everywhere and it is quite toxic! The kind of work we do, you definitely need a space dedicated for it… so we basically all got together and decided it would be nice to get a studio together, because its pretty hard to go out and get a space on your own! So it pretty much all started because we really needed a space, and we spent about six months looking, then we found this and pretty much put all our money towards it!



What would you like to see in future for Floating Goose Studios?

We would like to take away the pretention around art, and make it an open place for everyone! We are starting to expand the proposals for exhibitions here for people outside of the studio! Pretty much, if you want to have a solo exhibition here you get a proposal together and send it to us along with some images, and it is around $700 to have a solo exhibition.


Would you guys say you have a particular style or similar stories behind your work?


I think it’s the education behind our work which we all share, but apart from that we all have different styles. We have all been trained in different areas, but we all focus on our own particular style. The Adelaide Central School of Art really teaches classical techniques, so a lot of us are oil painters and have drawing backgrounds. 


When you sit down ready to paint/draw, do you always have a structure ready, or do you just let yourself go and see what comes out?


Every artist is completely different! Basically, you can have artists who structure out a whole drawing or under-painting before going in over the top, but then again with more abstract works you can basically have an experimentation playing out on the canvas! The other night, I was preparing for a show and basically had a completely different idea of what I wanted, and I started drawing then something else happened and it just became more playful, but it goes both ways and sometimes you have something in your head already.


Where did the name ‘Floating Goose’ come from?


There was about fifteen of us, and we got together at Finn MacCool’s on The Parade after a few drinks! We were all around this big table and this conversation had been going on for about six months trying to figure out a name! It seriously just got to the point, putting fifteen artistic people together in one room trying to figure out one name is impossible! So anyway, we were at Finn MacCool’s, bantering away! I looked up and there were some dodgy books on the wall and I just said, “bloody hell lets just call it Floating Goose!” which were the first two words I saw, and everyone was like “Oh, oh yeah! That’s pretty cool.” It wasn’t really until Andy sketched up the logo that made everyone’s mind up about the name!


Floating Goose Studios is open Friday 3pm – 9pm, Sat & Sun 10am – 4pm.







Interview Conducted by;

Jesse Little