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The Oxford Hotel on O’Connell Street has been around since 2015 and has quickly become a favourite among the locals - and rightly so! It may look like any other pub on the corner of the street, but walk in and you’ll find yourself surprised with the diversity and expansive space that it offers. John  Lennon once said  “You may say I’m a dreamer,  but I’m not the only one”, These words were painted underneath a giant mural of seemingly free-spirited girl right next to the Oxford on Tynte Street.  Those words were running through my head as I walked upstairs to the function area of the Oxford in the oxford, when we got upstairs, where we were welcomed to a banquet of gorgeous food left, right and centre. The mural was painted by local street artist Jack Fran, who  will be participating in this year’s Fringe then heading off to Japan to pursue the further development of his artistic skill set.

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It wasn’t just the food that was stunning the drinks were also at a high level of perfection. When we arrived the “Welcome gift” was a gin cocktail with subtle lemon flavour which gave the cocktail a citrusy flavour. 

I look forward to seeing the highly anticipated Fringe of 2017, with loads of talented acts and performers from all over our beautiful country and some international acts.

The Festival Feats- The Oxford 

Written by;

Cameron Twiss - Photos by Fatema Sitabkhan

Among the food, there was the chicken breast salad, seared scallops, seared snapper and Buffalo wings (among the many delicious options). The vibe at the Oxford is very inviting, where you can feel a warm and hospitable welcome by the staff members.  

The Lemon gin cocktail was just the tip of the iceberg. Another drink creation that was really good, was this strange orange concoction. The barman didn’t have a name for it but I’d like to think of it as the orange surprise - it had a citrusy orange flavour, which complemented the gin nicely. 

The vibe at the Oxford meets somewhere in the middle between modern and traditional. With the Fringe festival around the corner, make sure you make the most of our beautiful and underrated art culture by visiting this gorgeous bar that offers so much more than just food and drinks!