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 Located in the heart of Adelaide city is Level 1 – a modern Asian restaurant that resides in Electra House on King William Road. Level One provides a casual and informal dining style to their customers . Executive chef Jamie Kang (who is originally from Melbourne), has been working at the Level 1 kitchen for the past 5 months creates dishes that pay homage to his memories and his experience growing up in Korea.  His mother is a big influence on his culinary skills  . With five  years’ experience  behind him with Modern Australiana , Italian and Japanese cuisine, Jamie Kang uses skills paired with his Korean heritage to ,create a contemporary Asian menu.

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Overall, I think that Level One in Electra house has a nice selection of food and drink, , and coupled with good customer service provides for a great dining experience, With a stellar location in the heart of the city affordable food and drinks, and wonderful customer service, you can’t go wrong. 


Written by;

Cameron Twiss - Photos by Fatema Sitabkhan

  To start the night off, we were shown to the balcony that over looked King William Road and were offered a “welcome gift “in the form of a Gin cocktail with raspberries and ice, with, N gin 2(from Spain),The raspberries give the cocktail that sweet and strong flavour. The gin cocktails were supposed to fit the theme of Level One, which was pink.

 A tasting of some of the meals on the menu. The first entree to come out was Tuna Sashima . A seafood delight for your tastebuds!,  All the flavours bunched off each other, creating a lovely blend. However, as good as it was,  I found it a bit tangy for my liking, but still enjoyed it. We were also treated to hot and spicy buffalo wings, which were just as delicious and appetising as they sound.


While it’s hard to pick a favourite from the dishes the Kingfish Tataki, which was -cured and mixed rub provided for an, interesting blend with the flavours, giving it a smoky, rich and warm flavour that complemented and worked with the fish.

Also on my favourites list  was the Matcha Chiffon with red bean parfait, Italian meringue, strawberry, sorrel. While it may have been a bit too moist for my liking, This was a delicious light and fluffy cake, which made me feel like Alice from Alice in Wonderland as soon as I had my first bite, I was falling into a another world (and wanted more of the cake )