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By a Thread

Inside Gluttony’s The Peacock, audiences are treated to a spectacular exhibition of strength and agility as seven acrobats manipulate their bodies and 30 metres of rope to create intricate shapes and positions the average person wouldn’t even dream of. The performance is cleverly designed so that with each change of routine comes a change of music, drawing the audience further into the display of jumps, falls and a whole lot of balancing skills. 


The acrobats work wonderfully harmoniously as an ensemble, with each member constantly in motion or on standby to smoothly fly in for the next set of tumbles. It is as if they’re seven limbs of the same body and operated by the same mind - the individuals moved sometimes alone, sometimes as one, with the end result being brilliant acts of fun and fantasy. An overall delightful performance which captures the audience’s attention from the moment the rope comes into light, the acrobats of One Fell Swoop Circus are engaging, smooth and highly talented in their delivery of this performance.


Rating: 4/5 stars

Yen-Nhi Nguyen