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Datakae (Steve) is an up and coming local Adelaide artist who will be playing at this years Womadelaide festival between 11th and 14th of March. Datakae creates ambient, off kilter, dream like beats. His genre is situated between contemporary, tropical, eccentric and bass music. It's almost as if the tracks  produces are hypnotic for the mind and soul, definitely an artist to come see at this years festival. 

How did you get started making music?

I think I was about 17, I found some audio editing software called cool edit. So I just mucked around with that, Sampling and cut & pasting audio bits together to create abstract sounds. I had no idea what I was doing though. 


What advice would you give to anyone trying to pursue this career?

Prepare to devote a huge amount of time to the craft. Be yourself. 


What is a typical day or week like for you? 

Each day can be different but I have a general approach to workflow. 

Breakfast/Coffee, then straight into the studio. Trying to get as much creative work done as possible in the first morning session without interruption. Break for lunch then back to the studio for more creative work or fine tuning the morning's work.

I work at a wine bar some evenings but if I'm free I might go back to the studio and just muck around with synths or do some sampling. Otherwise go skateboarding or chill with friends. 


Where do you take your musical influences from? 

Inspiration comes from different places. I might like the production on a song I hear but not actually like the song. It's weird but sometimes the way someone has put sounds together can be inspiring even if the context isn't. So I guess mostly my inspiration comes from other producers, especially my friends who do similar things. Everyone works/thinks differently so it's always inspiring to observe others. 


What do you enjoy doing outside of music?

Skateboard, drink wine, long walks on the beach at sunset, etc. 


How important do you think it is to make connections? How did you make connections?

Connections are very important. Not just for getting your music out there but also to keep you moving. Being able to bounce ideas or collaborate with likeminded souls is really rewarding and keeps you flowing. 


What is your process of creating a new track? do you have a general idea or plan of what you intend to create or do you create it as you go?

Generally there's no plan or format for me. Sometimes I have an idea of the kind of vibe or sound I want to go for or the sort of emotion I want to portray. But tracks can start from anything. Usually the best tracks happen by accident. 


How important do you think self image is and the way you put yourself out there for new artists?

I try not to think about it. Be yourself. 


What do you think the Adelaide scene has to offer that everyone else is missing out on?

Adelaide has so much creative talent. Not just musical but for all creative avenues. Where we struggle is in our efforts to support our local scenes. It's been really sad to see closure of local venues, promoters and labels due to lack of support. I think it's really important in this day and age that we are mindful of where we spend our money. Keep it local. Not just in regards to arts but for all entertainment, food, fashion, everything. 


Have you performed for a large crowd like this before? 

I've DJ'ed to large crowds before but haven't performed with my own tunes on this scale. It's certainly exciting. I'm pretty honoured to be doing this at Womad...easily my favourite festival. 

Only a few days left! 



What do you have planned for the future, and where do you see yourself? 

I have a few collaborations in the works with local vocalists. Might even  attempt to sing a little myself. 

I have a heap of new material on the go so look out for new releases in the coming months. In the meantime... Happy Womad! 


Datakae can be seen performing at the Electrolounge on the 11th of March at WOMADelaide. 

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Interview Conducted by;

Neil Soriano