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Who are the faces behind Bibliotheca Bar?

Myself (Marina Tazhdynova) and my husband Roman Tazhdynov run The Bibliotheca Bar. We both came from Moscow 5 years ago. Roman was managing top bars back in Moscow for a long time. I'm more from office background, with hospitality as a second job.


How did Bibliotheca Bar come up as a concept and what made you take the leap to open the bar in Adelaide?

We always wanted to have our own bar but it wasn't possible in Moscow with red tape and the massive amount of money we had to put behind with a big risk of fail (due to extremely high competition). After Roman got some experience here in Australia for 2 years, we started on our venture.


I always loved books and reading, I'd always sit at the bar waiting for Roman to knock off. I’d read a book and enjoy a good cocktail. So, we thought it might attract other people too with this concept, as there's not many quiet places in Adelaide that would welcome a person with a book. And it worked!


How did you create your menu - classics / signatures / the one from the books?

We make sure all classic cocktails are made the way in was described in old cocktail books, or as close to it as possible.


Our signatures are the drinks that either won some kind of award in one of many cocktail competitions we took part in, or they were just too good to leave it out but don't have any literature background.


Our book cocktails are the ones that really set us apart from everyone else. Every single ingredient in a drink has to (somehow) be related to the plot or the country a book takes place in. These are the most spectacular drinks with glassware and garnished just for that particular cocktail. We are using an enormous amount of techniques to produce every single drink - we even make our own tinctures and infusions, go foraging for garnishes, make our own fairy floss and pumpkin fizz.


What do you aim your customers to experience through their visit to Bibliotheca Bar?

We really love to take our customers on a journey with our cocktails. It's nice when a person wants to read a book that is related to a cocktail or the other way around. We have a very caring service in here and consider every single customer as our personal guest.


What are some of your popular drinks at Bibliotheca Bar?  

The Drink that shall not be named and Pink Mustache :) The first one is put on fire and blazed between two Turkish coffee pots. The second one is a gin and Dubbonnet sour with a raspberry dust stenciled in form of mustache. Other than that, there's such a big selection of spirits in our bar that everyone goes with their liking. Say Old Fashioned is quite popular in here, because we custom make it every time using different spirit.


What are three drinks that you'd highly recommend all customers (old and new) to try?

Only 3? I don't know actually. I'd really love them to go through our entire list eventually and decide on their favourite themselves! :)


Why should people support Bibliotheca Bar?

We are different, very lovely, And we are a family-run business with no bottomless funds behind. We put our heart and soul into every single thing we do here and we really do care about all things related to our business.


Tell me more about the reading nook that you have installed opposite the bar? Is that how you decided on the name "Bibliotheca"?

Bibliotheca means Library in all European languages but English. So it was the first and only choice when we decided on a concept. The name is misspelled deliberately as it's the only spelling that does not appear in any of the languages. Our shelves are full of books and it's an actual book  exchange. Bring a book, take a book. As most of the books were donated to us, we feel that it would not be right to sell them. We also encourage our customers to bring in unneeded books.

Is there anything else that you'd like our readers to know about Bibliotheca Bar?

I really want your readers to come here and have a chat with us to find more about us :) Also the thing I want them to know - we are of Russian heritage and if you want to track it in our bar you can always find it on our book shelves or in our book cocktail section. But, we are not really pushing it as we want it to be comfortable for everyone in their own environment and we are not really connected to any particular country or culture. And no, we don't drink vodka for breakfast. In fact we barely ever drink neat vodka :) Although, we do have a pretty good collection of vodkas in Bibliotheca!


Official website:

Opening hours: Tues - Sat 5pm - 2am, Sun 5pm - 12am

Address: 27 Gresham st., Adelaide, SA 5000

Contact: 08 82126979


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The Bibliotheca Bar And Book Exchange is a European style small bar in Adelaide CBD focusing on spirits from around the globe, perfect classic cocktails and books.

The Bibilotheca Bar

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