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Recently, Adelaide United took on the crew from The Adelaide Set at Coopers Stadium, the home of The Reds. However this was no ordinary shoot out, we were playing with Neymar Jr’s Five rules!


It’s a five a side soccer game with a twist! The major rule change with this format is as follows, when team A scores against team B, team B loses a player from the pitch!


Games last for ten minutes max, the team with the most people left on the pitch after ten minutes wins! If you run out of players before the ten minutes elapses, your team loses!


It’s fast, fun and rewards an offensive, team orientated style of play.

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The Neymar Jrs Five competition is being held in more than 52 countries, making it a truly global event! You can have 7 players in total on your team, 5 on the pitch and 2 on the bench. Players need to be between 16 and 25 years old (2 players can be over the age of 25) and can be male or female.


Start your journey at a local qualifier, if you’re successful in this you’ll compete in a state final, then

with a bit of luck you’ll be off to the national final in Melbourne! If you win this you will be flown to Brazil to represent Australia in the global final! Sign up to the last Adelaide qualifier on the 19th of May and take the first step towards becoming a global champion!

The Adelaide Set take on Adelaide United F.C- Neymar Jr's Five

Written by;

Stuart Twiss/George-Alexander Mamalis - Photos by @Ellshot

Against all odds, The Adelaide Set drew first blood when they blasted a right foot strike into the back of the net in the first 60 seconds of play!

The Reds weren’t going to go down without a fight with Marc Marino effortlessly dancing through The Adelaide Sets defense to chip in an equalizer. Moments later, young gun Paul Wilson slotted a left footer off the cross bar and into the net! The Adelaide Set were down to 3 players with The Reds having 4! The Adelaide Set went into defensive mode to slow Adelaide United’s momentum and a quick counter attack and long range shot by George Alexander Mamalis saw us draw level once more.

From here it was all downhill with Adelaide United’s class shining through and Mark Ochieng and Daniel Margush setting up and executing outstanding goals, leaving The Adelaide Sets Dragana Kljajić the last remaining player! The whistle blew to signal the end of the game and sadly The Adelaide Set had one player left on the ground Vs Adelaide United’s three meaning Adelaide United took home the chocolates on this occasion!

Details for the Final Qualifier

Friday, 19. May 6:30 pm at the Noarlunga Leisure Centre, David Witton Dr, Noarlunga Centre SA

Link to sign up below


Q&A with Adelaide United players Paul Wilson, Mark Marinos and Daniel Margush.

  • If you weren't a professional football player what would your dream job be?

Paul Wilson : Marine biologist.

Mark Marinos: Petroleum engineer.

Daniel Margush: F1 driver.

  • Do you think that the Neymar Jr 5 a side competition will help to attract interest in football down under?

Paul Wilson : Defiantly because there is that added incentive that you may get the chance to meet Neymar. But it sounds like fun giving it a crack with your mates, you just might be able to get further than you think.

Mark Marinos: Neymar is such a big player in the world right now. He will defiantly attract a lot of talent out there. And he is just a great player to watch.

Daniel Margush: The format of it is definitely set up to allow for a wide demographic of participants and gives anyone, male or female, the chance to make it through to the next stage. I think that will help attract a lot of people to the sport of soccer which is a great thing!.

  • If you boys entered a Neymar Jr 5 a side team and conceded a goal who would be the first one sent to the bench?

Paul Wilson  : Mark Ochieng


Mark Marinos : Mark Ochieng

Daniel Margush: Mark Ochieng

  • If you could pick your own Neymar Jr 5 a side dream team who would be in it?

Paul Wilson : Bonucci, Dybala, Messi, Pele, Maradona.  

Mark Marinos: Neymar, Ronaldo, Buffon, Maldini, Nesta

Daniel Margush: Vidic, Ronaldo, Messi, Neymar, Daniel M

  • Who is the most underrated player you have played with/against?

Mark Marinos: Jack Clisby

Daniel Margush: Jack Clisby

Mark Ochieng : Mark Marinos

  • What are some of things that the Reds as a club aim to change in next year’s season?

Paul Wilson: They are a young team so getting experience is a major thing, though that will come with time. With quite a few new signings gelling together as a team is also quite important. Building on this season and focusing on how we have been playing in the ACL.


  • What is the most memorable moment in your career?

Paul Wilson : My first team debut for White City.

Mark Marinos: My debut for Melbourne City, I was on the bench with David Villa.

Daniel Margush: My debut for the Under 20 national team.

  • In your opinion what is the best attribute the best players must have?

Paul Wilson : Situational Awareness.

Mark Marinos: Awareness.

Daniel Margush: Strong mentality, competitiveness and technicality of their game.


  • If you could swap shirts with any player who would it be?

Paul Wilson : I would have to go Pele.

Mark Marinos: Andriy Shecchenko

Daniel Margush: Edwin Van Der Sar


  • What is the best moment you have had playing for the reds?

Mark Marinos: Making my debut.

Daniel Margush: My game against Victory.