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A Simple Space


Eight flexible bodies, a square stage and a large audience - what could possibly unfold? Presented by the talented ensemble from Gravity & Other Myths, A Simple Space shows the audience exactly how much can be done when you combine incredible strength and astounding flexibility in a captivating performance of endurance and precision. With very little props and stage lights being operated by the ensemble themselves, each member plays a pivotable role in the seamless delivery of tricks and mayhem under the audience’s expectant watch. Small segments of routines make up the entire performance, each one being unique and bringing its own flair: some are short bursts of energetic jumps and falls, whilst others are slow, deliberate contortions of bodies which seem to defy the rules of gravity.


Elements of comedy are interweaved throughout the 60-minute performance, with some acts in the show being ‘competitions’ between the acrobats (one involved stripping as a punishment and the audience were more than delighted when at the end, one acrobat’s modesty was held onto only using his hands). Perhaps the most fun moment of the performance was when all ensemble members stood in handstands and the audience were given free reign to pelt plastic balls at the cast members, seeing who would be the last man or woman (hand)standing. 


A Simple Space is an enthralling performance which encompasses pure talent, flawless execution and thrilling displays of circus acts which has the audience regularly bursting with applause. Simply amazing!


Rating: 5/5 stars

Yen-Nhi Nguyen